Making e-invoice stamping in bulk easy.

Stamp invoices with reliable 24/7 service, and even change your PAC provider without changing a line of code.

Invoice Stamping Simplified

Build XMLs and get them stamped by one of our PAC suppliers in no time!

Trusted Invoice Validation

The CFDIs issued from Syncfy comply with all SAT specifications to grant them validation as a fiscal document.

Bulk Stamping

With Syncfy you can stamp CFDIs from multiple taxpayers adding/using their RFC and CSD credentials.

Save Time and Reduce Effort

Syncfy does the heavy lifting by generating printable versions of CFDIs and sending recipients both XML and PDF versions.

No More Downtime

We offer PAC redundancy so we can guarantee the issuing and stamping of invoices by our PAC load balancing and failover architecture.
“Syncfy helped us to create a more complete product for our customers in a simple way. Their integrations are easy to apply and their customer support has always made us feel they care for us.”

Elena Blackaller

CEO, Pagomed

Syncfy StampingBulk stamping of e-invoices.