The All-in-One payment solution.

Accept multiple forms of payment (even crypto) within your app or platform using our easy to install widget.

Out of the box

Integrate our widget and offer a variety of payment methods, add new ones without having to change a line of code.

Global coverage

Allow charges to be made from anywhere within Mexico, the U.S. and even the world (with crypto).

Higher success rates

Improve collections by offering customers multiple payment methods in various currencies.

One integration, multiple payment solutions.

Pick the method that’s right for your business or offer them all.

Credit and debit cards

Support and accept payments from all credit and debit cards from anywhere, improving the success rate of charges. One integration, multiple payment processing providers.


With SPEI, you can initiate automatic payments, such as payroll disbursement, in bulk to save time and effort. Offer the simplest integration in the market and the shortest onboarding time for users.


Accept payments with Cryptocurrencies directly in your application or platform, there is no need to implement again. Choose to withdraw fiat money from bank accounts or keep it as crypto currency.


Save on fees and offer customers a better experience using a centralized system for bank to bank transfers such as direct deposit, payroll, and vendor services.

Easy to understand platform

Know in a Glance

Have a clear view of payment statuses, payouts, transfers and balances in one spot.

Minimize work!

Easily manage your affiliate and customer payments directly from the Syncfy Payments dashboard.

Your security, our priority

Rest assured! We stringently protect all information so you and your clients can feel safe.

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Syncfy PaymentsAccept payments within your app or platform and simplify the way they are processed and managed.