Fiscal, the Syncfy’s Tax Solution

May 26, 2022

How to get a massive flow of electronic invoices and tax documents.

Obtaining tax information from your clients can be very time-consuming when this task is required to be carried out massively. Therefore, to save you many hours of work, Syncfy created the Fiscal solution, which allows you to:

  • Connect your application with the tax authorities in no time.
  • Download documentation to confirm whether certain natural or legal persons are registered with the SAT.
  • Automate the download and consultation of CFDIs.
  • Consult tax information always up to date.
  • Obtaining a massive flow of electronic invoices and tax documents has never been easier

What can you consult in bulk with Syncfy Fiscal?

  • Electronic invoices issued and received
  • Monthly statements
  • Annual declarations
  • Compliance Opinions
  • Tax situation statements
  • Withholding accounts

Furthermore, Syncfy Fiscal is already integrated into some of the main accounting solutions, such as Gestionix, Konta or Quickbooks. Ask your accounting systems distributor for more details. With Fiscal, create a custom solution. Make a hassle-free API integration process.

Obtain SAT profiles

If you already have our Widget, obtaining complete profile information from the SAT will be easy for you. Aldo Escobar, our Support Engineer, shows us in detail how to obtain a complete SAT Profile through an RFC/CIEC registered in the Fiscal service (SAT All in One) in our Forum.

In addition, we offer you the episode of our Open Finance Webinar dedicated to the implementation of Fiscal, step by step:

Know all the benefits that Fiscal has for you. Contact us to learn more and take advantage of the full power of Open Finance.

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