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With one integration, Syncfy’s API empowers any app, solution, or company process by automating connections to a variety of data sources, saving time and money.

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Get financial info straight from your competitors.

See the whole picture.

How can you tell who is a good candidate for a loan if you don’t know how they manage their accounts at other banks?

Keep customers loyal.

Keep and attract customers with tools to help them manage their finances across all their bank accounts.

Faster taxes, better loans.

By connecting directly to the tax authority, your clients can get a complete picture of their finances while you get valuable data that informs your lending decisions.

New tools for businesses.

Make life easier for all your business customers by giving them the ability to create and stamp millions of e-invoices every month.

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Innovate in no time

Syncfy can be easily and quickly implemented in services and apps.


Use the power of Open Finance to connect your app directly to bank accounts, crypto wallets, credit cards, utilities and payment platforms.

ConnectLearn about how to obtain financial data from multiple institutions with Connect.


See what Open Fiscal is all about! With Syncfy, just link your system with the tax authorities for a steady stream of e-invoices and tax docs.

FiscalLearn more about Fiscal and connect with fiscal authorities within minutes.


Stamp invoices with reliable 24/7 service and even change your PAC provider without changing a line of code.

StampingLearn how adding Stamping to your Syncfy API will make your life easier.

Payments BETA

Accept multiple forms of payment (even crypto) within your app or platform using our easy to install widget.

PaymentsLearn how Payments can help your business harness the power of modern finance.

Global Coverage

Syncfy integrates with major financial institutions and service providers so that you can be connected around the world.
107 Banks
7 Digital Wallets
12 Government institutions
3 Blockchains
4 Utility services
Costa Rica
Costa Rica
El Salvador
El Salvador
Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico
United States
United States

*We often connect to different sites within each bank (e.g. BBVA Personal, BBVA Business)

View our detailed coverage here.


Trusted by governments and banks, Syncfy implements industry-leading technology and practices to keep your data safe.


All Syncfy data is protected by AES 256-bit encryption with multiple-layer firewall protection in a secure non-public cloud environment.

Physical security

Our ultra-secure data center is protected by eight layers of security, including biometric validation. Security personnel patrol the premises 24x7x365.


Syncfy is committed to keeping your data private. We will never sell or distribute identifiable information without your consent.

Check out our Privacy Policy here.


Answers to frequently asked questions

What is Syncfy?

Syncfy is an API that helps companies minimize tedious manual work, prevent fraud, and eliminate errors by downloading user-authorized financial information straight from the source.

Using Syncfy's API, our customers’ users log into their bank accounts, credit cards, crypto wallets, tax agencies, utilities providers, and payment services, giving our customers direct access to transactions and account information in compliance with all privacy and security laws.

Not only does our technology save time and money—our customers use it to launch innovative new products, like portfolio management, identity verification, and more.

What is an API?

An Application Programming Interface, or “API” for short, is a protocol that allows communication between two or more software applications. For example, travel booking platforms use APIs to pull flight prices from different airlines, and finance companies will use APIs to pull information from banks and credit card issuers.

What can I do with Syncfy?

Syncfy allows you to connect, obtain, organize, and transform financial data in real time, automating and simplifying everyday business operations while also reducing time and complex developments.


You can seamlessly connect and import historical and current data of Accounts and Transactions from:

  • Banks
  • Credit cards
  • Utility service providers
  • Digital Wallets
  • Crypto exchanges


Link to government institutions like the tax authority to automatically obtain:

  • Electronic invoices issued and received
  • Monthly tax declarations
  • Annual tax declarations
  • Tax compliance
  • And more


Create and stamp electronic invoices in bulk following all the requirements of the tax authority in Mexico (SAT) using one of our authorized certification providers.

Payments BETA

With Syncfy Payments, accept and process payments from your App or your platform, regardless of the type of currency. Coming soon!

How much does Syncfy cost?

With our 14-day trial, you can try Syncfy with up to 5 credentials and 200 transactions for free.

We are happy to personalize a plan to your business needs. Get in touch with our sales team.

What institutions are supported?

See our Global Coverage section for detailed coverage information.

How much time does it take to implement Syncfy?

While each case is different, some organizations can implement Syncfy in as little as 15 minutes! Check out this video for a handy developer walkthrough, or check out our developer documentation for an in-depth guide as well as access to your API keys.

Why should I choose Syncfy?

Because of our experience in the market, Syncfy has continuously demonstrated better performance, fewer errors and downtime, and higher-quality data feeds than any of our competitors. Our crypto expertise, bulk e-invoice stamping, and payments widget add significant value to our offering.

Is Syncfy secure?

Our robust security measures are trusted by governments and major banks. All Syncfy data is protected by AES-256 bit encryption, with multiple-level firewall protection in a secure non-public cloud environment. We work with ultra-secure data centers protected by eight layers of security, including biometric validation. Learn more in our Privacy and Security Policy.

I'm interested! What should I do?

All you need to do to get your API keys is to create a Syncfy account. It's easy!

  1. Sign up here.
  2. Check your email and verify your email address.
  3. Follow the link in the email to complete your profile.
  4. Once completed you will receive an email with the subject "Welcome to Syncfy".
  5. Log into your account to see your API keys.
  6. Start testing our API.

We would also love to hear about your project and talk to you in person about how we might be able to help. We look forward to reading your emails or WhatsApp messages.

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